The lab

from the lab...

To explore the following VRML worlds/toys/applications you need a VRML/JavaScript enabled browser. They have been tested with Netscape Live3D (ploblem remains with MS Explorer...).


VRML 2.0 Five balls pendulum with physics and interaction (7K). Selected for SGI's Buzz of the Week june 1997.

Satelite view of Montreal island mapped on a 3D elevation model. (125K) Wait for the texture to be downloaded and processed (Live3D seems to freeze but stay calm!)

VRML 2.0 Swimming sperm race. Sperm prototype based on animated lsystem growth (see applications below). Selected for SGI's Buzz of the Week may 1997. (12k)

Nice area, France 3D map. The Alps meet the Mediterranean sea in Nice. Hand drawn elevation map...(108k)

Javascript applications

VRML2.0 Lsystem viewer,
Animated organo-fractal growth based on Lsystem. Must try. Hours and hours of joyful iterations... Swimming creatures, breathing trees, bouncing globules to name a few.

Matrix builder, generates 3D matrices of simple shapes instantly. Demonstrate the use of JavaScript to write VRML code on the fly. A 6K application that can run off-line.

Interactive math graphs, generates 3D surfaces from any expression. Uses JavaScript to write VRML code on the fly. An other 9K application that can run off-line.

Random maze, (IN CONSTRUCTION)
2D, 3D. Uses JavaScript to generate VRML. Textures dont work...

Plant factory, (IN CONSTRUCTION)
feel like tree planting in cyberspace ? More JavaScript/VRML magic. Needs a lot of RAM/CPU...

Particule orbiter, (IN CONSTRUCTION)
Playing with circles...

The VRML Camember,
Free for all instant 3D pie charts.

more to come...
(more 3D charts, fractals, VRML clock, star system, sphere bumper...)

All models and applications are copyright
Patrick Murris, Alligator Pix,