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Quebec Industrial Parks Directory
The Quebec Industrial Parks Directory
The Quebec Industrial Parks Directory provides information about most of Quebec industrial parks along with pictures, aerial views, technical datas, and maps.

Browsing the database... This project involved three major steps in the making :

  • Building a multilingual database and collecting thousands of informations along with hundreds of pictures, maps and aerial views.
  • Creating a Mac/PC CD-ROM including searching and printing facilities.
  • Providing the same information on a web site.

Zoomong in the picture...

  • Client: La Maison des Regions du Quebec, Montreal.
  • Technical architecture, graphic design, digitizing, HTML, Lingo and dBase programming: Alligator Pix
  • Data collecting, text processing and administration: La Maison des Regions du Quebec
  • Release date : Sept 96
  • Systems: Mac and Pc
  • Languages: French, English and Spanish
  • Tools : Borland dBase, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Macromedia Director, FileFlex for Director, PrintoMatic for Director, Debabelizer, Toast