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Quebec Industrial Parks Directory
The Quebec Industrial Parks Directory provides information about most of Quebec's industrial parks along with aerial pictures, technical data, and maps. Available in three languages on Mac, PC and the Internet. Client : La Maison des Regions du Quebec, Montreal.
Crazy about our business
Crazy about our business is a digital brochure, a technical guide and an electronic order form for one of the main compact disc manufacturers in North America. It features audio tracks, video, narration, print capabilities and more. In three languages. Mac/PC. Client : Americ Disc, Drumondville.

Internet, World Wide Web
College Delta, Montreal, Laval
College Delta : thirty years experience in computer technology for the benefit of students and companies. French and english. Client : College Delta, Montreal, Laval.
East Coast Jeeps of Canada, Ottawa
East Coast Jeeps of Canada : for Jeeps lovers. True stories, tips and tricks, pictures and spare parts... English. Client : East Coast Jeeps of Canada, Ottawa.
Discreet Logic, Montreal
Discreet Logic creates digital effects software used in major videos and feature films such as Twister, Mission Impossible, True Lies, video clips for Madonna, the Rolling Stones and Deep Forest. English. Client : Discreet Logic, Montreal.
So...Nice Cote d\'Azur
So...Nice Cote d'Azur is a virtual tour of Nice and the French Riviera. A visual experience with highly compressed panoramic pictures, ambient sounds, screen savers, a 3D map and more. English and French. Production : Alligator Pix.
G.T.C. Transcontinental Group, Montreal
G.T.C. Transcontinental Group is a leader in the communication industry in North America. Transcontinental is involved in prepress services, printing and publishing of specialized periodicals, magazines and newspapers, the distribution of printed material and the production of compact discs. English and French. Client : G.T.C. Transcontinental Group, Montreal.
Lavery de Billy, Montreal
Lavery de Billy, barristers and solicitors. With more than 75 years of practice, Lavery de Billy brings together more than 350 people, of which 150 lawyers. The firm has offices in Canada (Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver) and in London (England). English and French. Client : Lavery de Billy, Montreal.
Inet96, Le Journal Les Affaires, Montreal
Le Journal Les Affaires is the oldest, most complete and influential economic and financial news medium in French Canada. During Inet'96, on location reporters were able to live broadcast their articles from this online press room. French. Client : Le Journal Les Affaires, Montreal.
G.T.C. Annual Report 1995
G.T.C. Transcontinental Group Annual Report 1995. English and French. Client : G.T.C. Transcontinental Group, Montreal.
The Hockey News, Toronto
The Hockey News is one of the leading hockey related newspapers in North America. Published weekly. English. Client : The Hockey News, Toronto.
BAGH Technologies, Montreal
BAGH Technologies create and distribute 3D software for architects and designers. English Client : BAGH Technologies, Montreal.
ACRGTQ, Montreal
ACRGTQ is a major association in the road construction industry in Quebec. French. Client : ACRGTQ, Montreal.
Calculus, Montreal
Calculus is an established management software company. French. Client : Calculus, Montreal.
ACQ, Montreal
L' Association de la Construction du Quebec brings together Quebec professionals in the construction industry. French. Client : ACQ, Montreal.
Desjardins-Laurentian Life Group, Montreal
Desjardins-Laurentian Life Group brings its real estate database to the net. English and French. Client : Desjardins-Laurentian Life Group, Montreal.
Les Triomphes de la PME
Les Triomphes de la PME is a contest for dynamic and succesful small companies in french Canada. French. Client : PME Magazine, Montreal.
Quebec Industrial Parks Directory
The Quebec Industrial Parks Directory provides detailed information about most of the industrial parks in Quebec along with aerial pictures and maps. English, French and Spanish. Client : La Maison des Regions du Quebec, Montreal.