• October 22, 1997
    New design for B.A.G.H Technologies's web site, Montréal. BAGH create and distribute Architrion® et ArchiDesign®, sofware for architectural and design professionals

  • September 15, 1997
    College Delta is online. Information, programs details, location map, services... and a short history of computers to be discovered along the site.

  • June, 1997
    Alligator Pix teams up with Iconik to produce Delta College new web site.

  • June, 1997
    Two VRML models from our lab have been selected by SGI to be in the Buzzed of the Week contest at

  • May 29, 1997
    East Coast Jeeps of Canada is going online with lots of cool jeep related material and an online spare parts catalog.

  • May 15, 1997
    Alligator Pix VRML Lab releases a new javascript application : LSystem viewer using VRML 2.0 to create and view animated organic forms based on LSystems.

  • February 2, 1997
    Alligator Pix sets up a layers demo page demonstrating the new layering capability of Netscape Communicator (Navigator 4.0)

  • January 10, 1997
    Alligator Pix presents So...Nice Cote d'Azur new 1997 version. A virtual tour of Nice on the French Riviera with many panoramic pictures, ambient sounds, screen savers, 3D maps and more. English and French.

  • January 7, 1997
    Desjardins Laurentian Real Estate database is ready for the Net. Graphic design by Alligator Pix, programming by Transcontinental Communication. English and French.

  • October 29, 1996
    G.T.C. Transcontinental Group new corporate site is being launched today in Toronto, Ontario, during the annual employee day which brings together more than 500 people from around the group. The site features a prototype of a VRML navigation interface. English and French.

  • October 1, 1996
    P.M.E. Magazine sets up an information and online registration for their annual contest Les Triomphes de la PME rewarding dynamic and successful small companies in Quebec. French.